World UNITY Week 2021 – Let’s Do Something!

19-26 June, 2021

World UNITY Week is a Global Interactive ​Celebration. Originally convened in June 2020 by hundreds of civil society organizations together with thousands of individuals, World UNITY Week is a whole-systems field, embracing the mid-year Solstice, Indigenous wisdom, International Day of Yoga, ecological vitality, conscious activism and much, much more. Following the ground-breaking “origin” in 2020, World UNITY Week is back for year ONE of a new decade; a decade full of great promise and complex challenges.

The public online Convergence is an integral part of World UNITY Week, connecting the world through diverse passion-areas using the best available technologies. The event and programming is free to the public and always will be. In 2020 presentations were given by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Jane Goodall, Marianne Williamson as well as hundreds of other global presenters.

Alongside this dynamic online component, co-Convenors and Partners are invited to produce local unifying ​events around the world that are rooted in place, intergenerational, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary. It’s an open invitation for global change-makers to come together and take action for the many challenges we collectively face.

Key conversa​tions during ​World UNITY Week (WUW) spotlight such topics as collective climate action, partnerships for peace, interfaith harmony, interracial justice, sustainable and regenerative development, the role of business and economics, human rights, disarmament and other key elements of a emerging future that we choose to create together. It is an empowering experience that adds power to the agency of grassroots, collective activism.

World UNITY Week 2020 concluded on June 27th with a celebration of the 75th anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter. It touched the hearts of many, connecting thousands of change-makers around the world in a spirit of wholeness, inspiration and unity. Representatives of 100+ Global organisations came together and delivered more than 200 presentations, and across the week we had more than 700 000 video views.

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 UNITY EARTH is a global network building worldwide solutions for unity, purpose and peace.

Inspired by the world’s wisdom traditions and born out of the desire to meet global-sized challenges with global-sized solutions, the network is built to amplify the reach and impact of peace-aligned organizations and individuals. UNITY EARTH’s Road to 2020 was a series of global events (2016-2020) across many sacred sites around the world including Ethiopia, Australia, the Middle East, India and America.

UNITY EARTH places collective values and universal principles at the heart of its initiatives, inviting people of all ages, races and beliefs to unite in the quest to make the world a safer, more harmonious and more beautiful home for the human family and for all of life.

World UNITY Week 2021

Let’s Do Something!

Recent Events by UNITY EARTH

U Day Ethiopia: The Land of Origins 2018


In the first week of February, 2018, UNITY EARTH, in partnership with the United Religions Initiative, the Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia and the World Peace Prayer Society, invited more than 65 religious representatives of many faiths and musical artists from a wide range of nations to celebrate World Interfaith Harmony Week 2018 in Lalibela, Addis Ababa and Shashamane, Ethiopia.

Natives of Aboriginal Australia, indigenous leaders from North and Central America, Buddhist monks from Thailand, Sikhs, Baha’is, Sufis and Hindus from India, Jews, Christians and Muslims comprised a colorful and diverse gathering of people standing for unity, peace and compassion.

Highlights of the 7-day U Day Festival included visiting sacred sites in Lalibela and Shashamane, joining in a Convergence of Fire torch-lighting ceremony, and taking part in a most impressive event at the African Union, featuring Dr. Mulatu Teshome, the President of Ethiopia; His Holiness Abune Mathias, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church; the leaders of the Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia; and a World Peace Flag Ceremony with fifty Ethiopian children raising the flags of all the nations of the world with the prayer, “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”

The mission of the U Day gatherings, which have been held previously in Thailand in 2012, at the Church Center for the United Nations in 2016, and in Crestone, Colorado in 2017, is to bring people into joyful harmony through interfaith understanding and the common language of music. UNITY EARTH and an international team from Australia, India and the United States, brought religious, spiritual and indigenous leaders, heads of international organizations and inspirational musicians together for a powerful experience of unity through diversity in the “Land of Origins.”

Fields Of Healing Byron Bay Australia 2018


Indigenous leaders from across the globe will converged in Byron Bay in 2018 for the first ever Fields of Healing on November 24th and 25th 2018. Presented by Unity Earth, this historic family-friendly gathering was a powerful celebration of cultural diversity and unity through music, art, workshops, performance, ecological healing and much more!

Co-hosted by Minyungbal Yugambeh songman Magpie Yerrubilgin, it was intentionally designed as a unique opportunity for intercultural, ecological and personal healing.


The UNITY EARTH LIFT OFF was a unique celebration of harmony and peace that brought an international line-up of peacemakers, Indigenous leaders, musicians, diplomats, academics, youth and more to the historic United Palace in New York City.

“I commend the organizers of UNITY EARTH for convening such a rich and potent gathering of intertwining lives moving together through the power of our hearts to manifest culture, arts, music, film and speeches in a symphony of goodwill, harmony and joy. The experience served as a remembrance of the creativity of our inherent inner potential to bring forth sublime beauty while simultaneously having transcendence that returns us to the ground of sacred being from which we all arise.”

– Audrey Kitagawa, Chair, Parliament of the World’s Religions

Holy Land Living Water 2020


When people of diverse spiritual backgrounds open up to one another with respect, curiosity, and a sincere desire to discover common ground, partnerships and friendships can evolve in profound and unexpected ways…

At a time of great challenge in the world and in the Middle East, a diverse interfaith and intercultural group—Holy Land Living Water—journeyed to Jordan, Palestine, and Israel with the mission of the celebration of the world interfaith harmony week of the United Nations to enhance interfaith harmony, sharing interfaith events, collaborating in peace-building projects, and supporting programs to promote social well-being through ecological sustainability. Co-sponsored by UNITY EARTH, EcoPeace Middle East, and United Religions Initiative (URI), the delegation comprised ninety-two people from around the world, including Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Baha’i, Sikh, indigenous and interfaith spiritual leaders, social entrepreneurs, academics, diplomats, musicians, ecologists, filmmakers, and peace activists. Rabbi David Rosen, Advisor on Interreligious Affairs to the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, was a patron for the event. Our mission was to bring a spirit of harmony and peace to the ancient sites and modern communities we visited and to serve as a living demonstration of interfaith and intercultural congeniality and creative collaboration in the spirit of the common shared value of the Golden Rule “ Treat others the way you want to be treated”.

Caravan of Unity 2020


The Caravan of Unity Across America and Around the World was the fulfilment of a vision that has been held since 2012, when the first U Day Festival happened in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Formally convened at the UN Tillman Chapel in October 2016 the “Road to 2020” has led through many sacred sites and events around the world and the Caravan of Unity is the last leg of that long road, climaxing in Peace Weekend 2020 (September 19-21) before completing on the National Mall in Washington DC on September 28, 2020.

While the US Caravan was moving from coast to coast the European Caravan of Unity Europe was hosting events across that continent also culminating in Peace Weekend and the International Day of Peace (September 21). You can see more about the exciting Euro Caravan at: