World UNITY Week 

A Global Online Event

UNITY EARTH Celebration

Coming Home Together

World UNITY Week is a ground-breaking online gathering over 8 days in June, where global changemakers come together to connect, celebrate and advance the emerging good unfolding in the world.

Key conversations during World UNITY Week spotlight topics as: collective climate action, partnerships for peace, global governance, interfaith and interracial harmony, sustainable and regenerative development, the role of business and economics, human rights, disarmament and other key elements of a new kind of future that we are called to create together.

These discussions are interwoven with powerful musical experiences and stories of those who are working on solutions to meet these challenges at the grass roots.

It is an open invitation to any and all to come together and take action on the many challenges we collectively face. World UNITY Week attracts a multi-cultural, intergenerational community beyond borders, at the intersection of science and spirituality, embracing indigenous wisdom, story-telling, music, conscious activism and so much more. If you feel called to be united with like-minded people all around the world, rising together to embody the justice, peace, healing and transformation we each envision for the world, then come and join us.


We all are indigenous to this planet. World UNITY Week is a celebration of our unity and purpose to create new models for the world we all know is possible in our hearts.


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