World UNITY Week is made possible through the extraordinary generosity of our Primary Sponsor PURPOSE EARTH and with generous support of our co-sponsors Spiritual Life TV and The Holomovement .

This support allows us to offer World UNITY Week 2023 FREE to the world so all can participate in the amazing array of events across World UNITY Week.

To support PURPOSE EARTH‘s unique global grant and mentorship program, funding and guiding purpose-driven people and projects with creative solutions to our global challenges, we invite you to contribute.

100% of your contribution goes directly to PURPOSE EARTH’s grant recipients and their projects, amplifying the impact of grassroots people and projects activating their communities toward purposeful change.

Thanks to the support and generosity of so many, PURPOSE EARTH has been able to award Purpose Earth grants to 23 extraordinary people and projects from around the world. Read more about these inspiring change-makers launching their projects into motion.


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