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Sacred Freedom – Panel Discussion

Monday, 20 June 2022 @ 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

What does Sacred Freedom mean and why is it meaningful and essential in our NOW?

* Reclaiming Sacred Sovereignty
* empowering “IAM ME because we are We” Desmond Tutu ideology
* Personal growth and development so to begin willing to be a synergy component of the viral shift of the ecosystem of GAIA

A discussion to shift us from “what is” to “How may I serve and how may I create the world I wish to see?” Unity begins with the Sacred freedom of the individual, and such freedom begins within with the knowing of who we can BE.


Kim Conrad

Kim Conrad has been an innovative leader in the field of personal transformation and trauma release therapy for 20 years. A gifted intuitive and energy worker from the time she was born, Kim brings her life-enhancing perspectives and techniques to help people come out better than they’ve ever been. “She meets you where you are. I’ve never felt so seen, heard and understood” said one client. And, “I’ve made more progress than ever before” said another.
Having rebuilt her body and her life three times Kim knows what it’s like to make it through anything!
An award-winning author and speaker Kim has been called a ‘pioneer of language’, her voice ‘a healing medicine” and her Facebook Live readings and commentary “Vitamins for Your Soul”. She has been honored to present at conferences such as the International Global Healing Conference in Bali with Desmond Tutu and the National Peace Alliance Conference in Washington, D.C., among others.

Kim’s long-term service as a core facilitator with the BoldLeaders’ International Youth Leadership programs has helped youth leaders proactively step into their powerful voices and make a difference in this world from Colorado to Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, the Caribbean and beyond.

You can learn more about Kim at www.KimConrad.com
Check out her:
Upcoming workshops at www.EvolveWithKimConrad.com
Weekly Facebook Lives at www.Facebook.com/KimConradVisionary
Other inspirational videos at https://www.rebrand.ly/YouTubeWithKimConrad

Elise Campbell

Elise Campbell believes, above all else, in listening to her inner voice. She is doing her best to raise three compassionate and fulfilled human beings while serving her fine art portrait photography clients with heart and dedication. As a late blooming lesbian, and a teacher by nature who changed careers and left the world of education, Elise has had a unique life’s path so far. Elise has relied a lot on believing that things would work out before they did, and she took many leaps of faith in life because she knew she had the love and support of family and friends. Elise is finally learning to embrace her sensitivity as a gift and to lean into her own guidance to serve herself and her loved ones.

Dr. Tom Acklin

A leading-edge voice in neuroscience and GUT-BRAIN integrity, Dr. Tom brings his expertise to people suffering with autoimmune conditions and cancer. He is a specialist in brain health and mental stability, and has worked in Food-as-Medicine therapeutics for twenty years, passionate about helping us understand the power of the Microbiome in reversing almost everything we call modern disease. He practiced at Georgetown University Medical Center in the Department of Neurology in Washington DC, and is a Certified Practitioner with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine at Georgetown.

Dr. Tom is the Founder of All is Well Yoga Centers for Mind and Body Integration in the Washington DC metro area. He is an athlete of the body, mind and spirit, has practiced yoga for fifteen years, passionately believes in the curative energies of empowerment metaphysics, pay-it-forward healing dynamics, and the power of community and fellowship as therapeutics. He facilitates meditations internationally.

LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/thomasacklin
Facebook Thomas Acklin
Stem Cell phototherapy LifeWave

Haseena Patel

Haseena Patel is a, relationship breakthrough coach, international speaker, yoga instructor, Akashic Records reader and teacher, poet and peace-builder from South Africa.
She works with clients globally to build successful relationships with themselves, their loved ones, their colleagues and the world they live in. Haseena is the author of 4 published books (2 are co-authored with her sister) and 1 soon-to-be-published book, titled: The Truth-Walker’s Journey: The UN-Becoming of Who You Are Not.
She is co-founder of Leave No Girl Behind International, an organisation that empowers girls worldwide through leadership, and is co-creator of the Bubbles Beyond Borders global campaign for gender equality, which focuses on summits to build self-worth. She is also a Deeptime student who believes in an interconnected world where all BE-ings are worthy.



Monday, 20 June 2022
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT
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Kim Conrad , Elise Campbell, Dr. Tom Acklin, Haseena Patel
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