World UNITY Week 2021
Videos On Demand

World UNITY Week 2021 Opening Ceremony

Day One

19 June, 2021

Yoga for Healing, Health, and Harmony
Global Coherence Pulse: Unity in Action

Saturday Night Alive

Day Two

20 June, 2021

Ramapough Lunaape Dawn Ceremony

Ramapough Lunaape Peace Treaty Signing with The Mohawk Tribe

SACRED ACTIVISM: Peace Sundays RevoLution

Ramapough Munsee Museum Opening

Peace prayer from Jerusalem : Women of Peace, Heaven and Earth

Global Coherence Pulse: Peace in Action

Protecting and Honoring Water and Natural Sacred Sites

Eco-conscious Music Alliance Global Action Concert

Day Three

21 June, 2021

International Children’s Month Global Day Of Action, Children’s Global Wave of Love and World Peace and Prayer Day

Yoga Day Vegan Special: “Veganism is Essential for World Unity”

Global Coherence Pulse // Love In Action

View from the Bridge – Getting in the Driver’s Seat of Evolution

From the River to the Sea – Yoga Day Celebration

Day Four

22 June, 2021

Vandana Shiva LIVE

73,000 Girls and Boys Rescued from Human Trafficking: Interview with Hasina Kharbhih

Owl and Chief Perry Panel

Connecting to the Sacred Waters Within through Hawaiian Hula

For The Love Of India Part One: Support Transgender Community & Children on the Grounds

Global Coherence Pulse:  Joy In Action

Deepak Chopra on World Unity with Ben Bowler

Peace Offerings from Fuji Sanctuary

Paul Hawken and Damon Gameau: Regeneration

Practices of Compassion: A Global Exploration

World UNITY Week: The Whole Story in 12 Minutes or Less

Day Five

23 June, 2021

Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp and Ben Bowler

Laudato Si’ Action Platform

Advancing Climate Security in the Middle East: EcoPeace’s “Green Blue Deal” Report

Gender Harmony: Prevent Human Trafficking by Regenerating Forests

Global Coherence Pulse: Gratitude in Action

The Crisis of Loneliness Among Young Americans

The Decade of Transformation: From Vision to Reality

Genuine Human Security: From the Personal to the Global

World UNITY Week: The Whole Story in 12 Minutes or Less

Day Six

24 June, 2021

World Weavers at World Unity Week 2021

Global Policy: Water First

Navigating Change: Traditional Hawaiian Practices to Co-create a New Earth

Global Coherence Pulse: Compassion in Action

One Planet Peace Forum: Justice, Healing, Unity & Peace

Feeding the Future – The Story of the Smallholder

The Magic of Mungo: Encounter 50,000 Years of People, Land and Water

How to Transmit Peace to Your Friends and Family

World UNITY Week: The Whole Story in 12 Minutes or Less

Day Seven

25 June, 2021

Birthing the New Human- Re-uniting into Wholeness

Youth Reading the World Through the Earth Charter: An Intergenerational Perspective

Pay It Forward for Purpose Earth

Four Sacred Gifts – Indigenous Wisdom to Restore Harmony and Balance in Challenging Times

Growing A Thriving World For All: Personal and Planetary Activation Session 

Global Coherence Pulse: Hope in Action

Inner and Outer Peace: A Conversation

Seeking UNITY in American Democracy

Teilhard De Chardin’s Vision of Unity: A Convergence of Evolutionary Science and Theology

World UNITY Week: The Whole Story in 12 Minutes or Less

Day Eight

26 June, 2021

WinWinWins for a Thriving World (Trailer Premiere)

URI 21st Anniversary Celebration

World UNITY Week Room Steward Harvest (FULL FEED!)

Global Coherence Pulse: Belonging in Action

Open Space Technology Forum

World UNITY Week 2021: Closing Celebration