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Day One
Opening Ceremony with Commitment Pledges
Plenary: Peace on Earth by 2030 Opening Ceremony and Frequency Launch
The Awakening World: Opening Night Celebration for World UNITY Week
Day 2
International Children’s Month

Ahla Fawda & Partners

Plenary: Grassroots Empowerment for Global Change by PURPOSE EARTH
The Awakening World: The Union of the Condor, Hummingbird and Quetzal and Eagle is Rising!
Global Coherence Pulse: Day 2
Grassroots Leadership: Empowering Women in Nepal and India
One Small Town IS CHANGING the World
Plenary: Youth Speak Up
Day 3
A New Universal Dream
Plenary: Changing Humanity’s Future by living into our Unity & Oneness
World Peace Prayer Day
Global Coherence Pulse: Day 3
World Peace Prayer Day
Nature and the Kaleidoscope of Oneness
Day 4
Bright Greens: Monetising nature regeneration for personal well-being and nurturing Mother Earth
You, Awake: Mastering the Art of Change
Plenary Event: The Lion and The Seed II
World Peace & Prayer Day
Global Coherence Pulse: Day 4

World Peace and Prayer Day

Plenary: UnGun Racism, From the Casual to the Fatal
Sunray Peace Village Elders and Youth Gathering
Day 5
16 Pledges for a New Earth Rising
Plenary: HOLOMOVEMENT: Embracing Our Collective Purpose to Unite Humanity
The Evolutionary Leaders: A Laboratory for Conscious Evolution
Global Coherence Pulse: Day 5
Business, Technology, and Consciousness
Ancestors, Subtle Realms, and Sacred Sites
Plenary: New Earth Rising: Indigenous Voices: The Wisdom of Indigenous Leaders
RainShine – A Solstice Album Release Concert
Plenary: FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE: Finding Our Way to An Ecological Civilaztion
ONE HOME JOURNEY: A collective expedition of Humanity in Unity to co-create Home on Earth
Living in Wholeness: Rainn Wilson in Conversation with Robert Atkinson
Global Coherence Pulse: Day 6
World Unity in Action: A Community Development Model Designed to Bring About Global Unitive Healing and Wholeness
Plenary: Happy City: Love, Unity and Peace – To human well… together… in 10,000 cities on Earth
Day 7
Promoting Human Security Through Love
Plenary: Compassion AI – where do we meet?: Intergenerational conversation with Robot Sophia
Transforming our Divided World into a United Home for Humanity and all Life on Earth
The Sacred Resonance of Sound and the Harmony of the Universe
Global Coherence Pulse: Day 7
New Earth Rising: The Emergence of the Divine Child
Plenary: The Sacred Marriage: Unifying the Divine Feminine and Masculine to Co-Create the New Earth
Love & Pain: What I learned walking 100 Miles across Los Angeles
Day 8
Satsang with Sadhviji: Establishing Unity and Peace with Ourselves, Loved Ones, and Nature
Plenary: Split Rock: A Portal of Global Spirituality (Live Ceremony with Chief Dwaine Perry)
Steward Harvest and Gratitude Circle
Global Coherence Pulse: Day 8
God, The Universe and Everything
Integral Theology for a New Earth
Plenary: Brand Earth
Continuation Ceremony