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8th Fire Continuum with Live Feeds from “Mountain to Sea” Global PowWow / The “PEARL” / Kogi Message at Solstice Direct / Global Drums and Dance

Thursday, June 20 @ 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM EDT

On Summer Solstice~ for the “Sacred Space Convergence” with Fire Offerings and Presentations on Spiritual Practices, Plant Medicines, Indigenous Ways, Drumming, Art & Music

Calling All Fire Keepers of the Sacred 8th Fire lit in Hidalgo, Mexico on October 28, 2023.  Calling All Hearts of the 8th Fire Ceremony at the 2nd Gathering of the Union of the Eagle . Condor . Quetzal . Hummingbird in Palenque March 17-23, 2024, Calling All Fire Keepers of the “Sacred Infinite Fire Festival” and the 8th Fire Union Ceremony on April 21, 2024 and all Hearts called to Join this Fire Offering Facilitated by the “Union of Nations” 

1:00 EDT – Kelly Boon – The PEARL ~ People Engaging in the Arts Rejoicing in Life

2:00 EDT – Welcoming Prayer and Greetings ~  Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. Ihanktonwan and Chickasaw Nations  and Council Member of the Union of the Condor, Hummingbird, Quetzal, and Eagle.

2:15 – Union of Nations Firekeepers – 8th Fire Continuum with Live Feeds — “From Mountain to Sea” Global PowWow

4:00 – “Message From the Mother” A Look at the Kogi Prophecy with Shawnda Clawson 

4:30 – Drumming in the Solstice – Becoming One Mind with Gail Thomas 

5:30 – Closing Music with Scott McStacy

5:55 – Sylvia N – Compassionate Voice of the Heart – Closing Flute and Prayer

Please Join Us in the Global Fire Ceremony Room  – https://sine-network.zoom.us/j/89846571811

“The Eighth Fire stands upon a philosophical foundation that transcends traditional categories of thought. It is rooted in what could be called “unity consciousness”—a state of awareness that views all life as interdependent and interconnected. This form of consciousness goes beyond mere intellectual acceptance and extends into lived experience. People imbued with unity consciousness don’t just believe in theoretical unity; they enact it in their daily lives, making choices that reflect the welfare of the collective over individual gain.”

~ Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr.  ~ Seven Fires of Global Unity: Pathways to the Eighth Fire and the Most Great Peace;  

Chapter 8: The Eighth Fire; The Intricacies of Transformation.

he “8th Fire Eternal Flame Continuum” will follow the “Fire Relationship Teachings”. You are welcome to request 8th Fire Ashes to bring in your own fire over Zoom with any brief words or songs as offerings in this effort to establish a Community Supporting Unity.    

To request 8th Fire Ashes – Please Contact  Shawnda Clawson with

Earth Mother Network by Text or Email

TheUnionOfNations@gmail.com | 806-782-7862


Thursday, June 20
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM EDT
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Kelly Boon, Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr., Union of Nations Firekeepers, Shawnda Clawson, Gail Thomas , Scott McStacy, Sylvia N
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