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CoCreation Circle: Education Revolution – Unlocking Potential for All (Session 6 of 7)

Friday, June 21 @ 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT

Join us for the sixth of seven groundbreaking CoCreation Circles organized for World Unity Week 2024 and the 99 Days of Peace through Unity. 

This session is titled Education Revolution: Unlocking Potential for All will take place on Friday, June 21st, at 1 PM EDT

CoHosts Haseena PatelAlexander LaszloPavel Luksha, and Patricia Anne Davis will guide the session.

The goal of each CoCreation Circle is to advance our collective movement from the current state to the ideal state, identifying obstacles and co-creating actionable solutions. All seven circles align with the global pledge of unityUnite Humanity. Restore Mother Earth.

Education Revolution: Summarized Ideal State

  • We envision a world where universal access to quality education empowers everyone through holistic, inclusive, and lifelong learning. 
  • Personal and spiritual growth flourish, fostering mindfulness, emotional intelligence, compassion, and interconnectedness. 
  • Arts and creative expression thrive, reflecting diverse cultures and perspectives, and nurturing a global community of empathy and understanding. 
  • Together, we revolutionize education, unlocking the full potential of every individual and creating a brighter future for all.

Education Revolution Framing Question:

What transformative approaches or strategies do you believe are necessary to unlock the full potential of education and ensure it is accessible to everyone, regardless of background or location?


Participation Details:

In addition to the live CoCreation Circle session, we encourage participants to answer the framing questions in advance. Your contributions will help build a collective wisdom pool, summarized by #AIGroupConsensus to enhance our collective intelligence. To answer the framing questions link to the Contribution Form here.

You can view the seven CoCreation Circles themes, ideal states, framing questions, and 14 indicators here in these slides.

Join us in ZOOM Room ONE. 

http://zoom.us/j/6060001111 Meeting ID: 6060001111

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the duration of the CoCreation Circle sessions?

Each session lasts 120 minutes (two hours) on ZOOM.

How many circles can I participate in?

You are welcome to participate in as many circles as you feel called to. Warning: You may wish to attend all the circles!

What are the themes of the seven CoCreation Circles?

1. Beyond Borders: Unity in Diversity and Compassion (Session 1 of 7)

2. Building Bridges: Global Collaboration for Peace and Equity (Session 2 of 7)

3. Sustaining Our Planet: Practices for Environmental Resilience (Session 3 of 7)

4. Ethics in Innovation: Technology for Human Flourishing (Session 4 of 7)

5. Inclusive Futures: Empowering Diversity and Social Justice (Session 5 of 7)

6. Education Revolution: Unlocking Potential for All (Session 6 of 7)

7. Unified Evolution: Harmonizing Collective Wisdom (Session 7 of 7)

How does this fit with the February symposium Awakening to Humanity’s Sacred Mission?

By participating in these CoCreation Circles, you are part of a journey that aligns with Humanity’s Sacred Mission. Together, we can awaken to a future where unity, compassion, and regenerative practices guide our collective actions, paving the way for an enlightened and harmonious world. Learn more here.

What can I do right now, in advance of the CoCreation Circle session?

Answer as many of the framing questions as you can in advance. We will summarize the answers and present them at the session. Contribution Form here.

What’s the one article to read to get the high-level overview?

Read this: CoCreating CoCreation Circles: A New Compassion Game

What is a “wisdom pool” and how do I gain access?

The wisdom pool for these CoCreation Circles will be developed through Google form responses and summarized in Google slides. To gain access, you must answer at least one framing question. Learn more here.

What is a CoCreation Circle cohost responsible for?

Cohosts facilitate the session according to the sequence outlined in the CoCreation Circle Guidelines. Learn more here.

What is AIGroupConsensus?

#AIGroupConsensus leverages AI to enhance group decision-making, making the process more efficient, inclusive, and objective. Learn more here.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Your insights and participation are crucial to the success of our CoCreation Circles. We encourage you to answer the framing questions and join us in the live sessions to help shape our collective future. 

By contributing, you become a vital part of a global movement striving for unity, compassion, and positive change. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your voice heard. RSVP today and be part of this inspiring journey.


Friday, June 21
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
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