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Documentaries Projection of the Historic Ancestral ReUnion of the HummingBird, Quetzal, Coatl (Anaconda), Jaguar, Beacon, Eagle, Condor & Chaskys

Thursday, 22 June 2023 @ 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM EDT

Ancestral Future Panel about the Prophecies that have been shared by the many diverse Ancestral Traditions… Integrated in a general/common Rainbow Prophecy that Calls to the Union of all the Peoples and Cultures around the world. and how can we Manifest the Dreams and Visions our Ancestors hold.

CoCreate a Global CommUNITY NetWork, for all Kinds of InterAction & Exchange.

How? Through strategic alliances and one or several digital or virtual platforms (such as SEEDS, Hypha, LocalScale, etc) of communication, promotion, and networking, that allow the visibility and communication of all types of knowledge and initiatives for a better world.

Create a network of purpose-driven people and organizations activating in all diverse areas of life and Sustainable Living, especially focusing on ecosocial regenerators and change makers impact-driven entrepreneurs and communities projects in general, motivated to do good for people and the planet, To restore balance with mother earth we must seek to address the inequalities created by the existing financial system. Through empowering and supporting change makers at a community level the GIDHE will be the catalyst for regeneration.

Create diverse Online and Presencial Gatherings and Activities that create scenarios of Economic, Social, Cultural, Educational, Ecological, and Spiritual that promote Good Living.

Facilitate the articulation of persons, diverse social groups, and a variety of knowledge-generating scenarios of InterAction, Learning, Training, and NetWorking.

Our Vision is a world articulated in its maximum expression of Harmony & Abundance for everyone and its mission is to co-create a Better World, taking it to its Greatest Spiritual & Ecological Potential. The original aim is to support at-scale community resource centers and existing local communities. Like education centers, community gardens, living seeds libraries, community-owned tourist facilities, like eco-farms and eco-stay, or just common restaurants and cafeterias. These are the places we can lift the bottom two billion people out of poverty.

The purpose of the GLocal Initiative DHE / BioRegional Watersheds Ecosystem (DHOs) is to support the Wider BioRegional community that is somehow aware and aligned with this Initiative but also the ones that aren’t yet, and at the same time holding an articulation with the SEEDs Strategy council and in alignment with the values and standards upheld by the Constitutional and Stewardship Councils. So that the broader community is empowered to participate and self-organize in meaningful, mutually-beneficial ways. Trading will be conducted through offline/on-land and online marketplaces like LocalScale with benefits for the Global Network (DHE) or Local BioHabitats (Communities) members.

GLocal Initiative DHE (BioRegional Watersheds Ecosystem) was established by diverse leaders of amazing regenerative projects from around the world. Our journey will build an EcoSystem that provides funding, mentorship, and empowerment through a network of reSources flowing into local community projects and ultimately positively impacting many people. Together we are building a Global Integral EcoSystem to at scale empower local communities to create healthy abundance and “Good Living”.

Presenters :
Elders Gubil, Phil Lane Jr, Dwe Wiby, Mono Calero, Alejo Sanson, Dan Atkins, Alberto Bustos, Torek, Mathilde, Felipe Leall.



Thursday, 22 June 2023
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM EDT
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Elders Gubil, Phil Lane Jr, Dwe Wiby, Mono Calero, Alejo Sanson, Dan Atkins, Alberto Bustos, Torek, Mathilde, Felipe Leall.
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