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Love in Action ~ Disarming Trauma for a Healed World with Dr. Marty K. Casey, Scarlett Lewis and Shannon Desilets

Monday, June 17 @ 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT

Today you will explore a personal journey of how YOU emotionally show up personally and how it creates a collective energy in a space. This shared space can cause us to hurt or heal. Our bodies don’t lie, and our minds get to choose. As taught through the Choose Love Movement.

Dr. Marty K. Casey: Performance Artist and Activist has procreated and given meaning to a new word “Actrivist!” Leveraging the ARTS for HEALING, Dr. Casey, founded UnGUN Institute, focused on healing trauma through applied arts. Dr. Casey has found a way to connect and communicate through the Arts; in 2020 she performed on stage in the Big Apple for the AARP association, to a sold-out crowd, just days before the global pandemic forced a lock down. While the pandemic slowed us all down, Dr. Casey, still found ways to push her agenda for activism and community healing and as such her efforts gained recognition, by the St. Louis Business Journal, featuring her on the cover as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Businesswomen in St. Louis. Dr. Casey’s community and philanthropy efforts over the past ten years have yielded numerous awards and accolades; however, the greatest reward of them all is realizing the positive impact that her commitment to engaging, connecting, and communicating with the community has had. Dr. Casey actively serves on three boards; Hope Creates, Gateway to Dreams and Purpose Earth, all aligned with her mission to heal communities through the empowerment of recovery through expressive arts. In 2021 Marty K. Casey received the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award signed by President, Joseph R. Biden.

Scarlett Lewis Scarlett Lewis founded the nonprofit Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement in honor of her son, Jesse, who was murdered during the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in December 2012. Shortly after his death, Scarlett decided to be part of the solution to the issues that we’re seeing in our society — that also caused the tragedy — and turned it into an opportunity to build a culture of love, resilience, forgiveness, and connection in our communities at a time when it is needed the most. Scarlett became an advocate for social and emotional learning (SEL) and character development to help children manage their emotions, feel connected, and have healthy, meaningful relationships. Since the tragedy, Scarlett has spoken across the U.S. and internationally to diverse audiences sharing her empowering story and the organization’s far-reaching programs, urging everyone to become part of the solution to the issues the world is facing. Scarlett has spoken at multiple national, statewide, and community-based events including hundreds of talks at schools, addressing educators and administrators.

Shannon Desilets Shannon’s professional journey includes providing and instructing specialized therapy world-wide, leading post-trauma efforts in Sandy Hook, CT, and being the first in the nation to lead a statewide initiative for proactive prevention through the Choose Love Movement.  She was appointed by Governor Chris Sununu in 2018, and worked directly out of his office for five years.  She has presented nationally and internationally on these efforts and is now part of the New Hampshire’s DHHS Division for Behavioral Health, in order to continue this work.  In addition, she serves as Director of Advocacy for the Choose Love Movement, and the Director of Choose Love for Corrections and Caregivers programs.  Shannon works closely with the NH Department of Education, NH Department of Safety, NH Department of Corrections, US Homeland Security, and the National Governors Association, along with various agencies and organizations across her state.  Due to her work statewide and nationally, she is the first ever recipient of the HOPE(HOPE – Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences) Award for the Emotional Growth Building Block, by the HOPE National Resource Center, Tufts Medical Center.

Program In Detail:

SPIRIT (Dr. Marty) –
We must always start with SELF before we can consider the needs of others who we are sharing energy in the space with. Our collective ENERGY is what will circulate, however our personal energy becomes the atom that attracts to others creating emotional molecules that can lead us into danger or safety.

H2O: It’s a chemical symbol for water. Each molecule of water contains two atoms of hydrogen (H) joined to a single atom of oxygen (O). Adding H30 Hydration to water, will help to speed up the transfer of water into your bloodstream and on to cells, thus creating a healthy fluid balance.

So, what if we added a new kind of H3O? H3O HEALING, today will be added to the SPIRIT. This will help speed up the transfer of healing energy flow into the MIND and BODY, thus creating a healthy balance of emotions no matter where we are. Keeping us socially and emotionally safe and healthy.

That new H3O will be the experience that you have with myself, Scarlett and Shannon as we take you through the steps of the UnGUN (FEEL, THINK, DO) method.

Today you will explore a personal journey of how YOU emotionally show up personally and how it creates a collective energy in a space. This shared space can cause us to hurt or heal. Our bodies don’t lie, and our minds get to choose. As taught through the Choose Love Movement.

However, before we think or do, we first must FEEL.

  • Start with water to drink
  • Breathing to center
  • Color wheel, emotions
  • Group for centering
  • Self-social awareness

This is an assessment. No judgment. Just love, awareness, and action.

MIND (Scarlett) –
Dr. Marty has delved into and uplifted your spirit. Now, in our journey towards love, let’s now move to your mind, specifically your thoughts, that directly impact how you feel and act. The superpower of humans is in the choices we make that determine our future despite circumstances. I’ll start with my story to open hearts to share what I’ve learned through my personal experience. Pain connects us all as it pushes us out of our comfort zone into our growth zone. We become beautiful from the inside out because of our hurt, not despite it. Human beings possess an intrinsic design that enables us to learn from, grow through, and be strengthened by the trials and tribulation. This cultivated resilience is not an easy path; it requires a profound courage to confront challenges head-on, gratitude for fortification, resilience and grit from the inside out; an expansive heart to forgive, and a boundless compassion for both oneself and others. Pain, in its acute sharpness, carves deep lessons into our being, imbuing us with wisdom that can only be gained through lived experience. It is those who brave this journey, who stand in the face of adversity with strength and grace, that can transform their scars into powerful healing tools for themselves, and others. This process of transformation allows individuals to channel their own lessons of hardship into beacons of hope for those still navigating through their storms. By embracing our pain as a catalyst for personal growth, and using our acquired wisdom as a means to uplift others, we embody the profound capability of human strength and the endless cycle of learning and support that connects us all. Now we will help our body manage trauma and aid in both the mind and spirit’s healing.

BODY (Shannon) –
Now that we’ve walked this beautiful journey for our spirit and mind, we bring it all together through the body.
Through MNRI (Masgutova Neuro-sensory-motor Reflex Integration), the body is given the opportunity to release stored tension and trauma, allowing for a gradual and holistic healing process. This technique recognizes that trauma is not solely a mental or emotional experience but also manifests physically within the body. By engaging in specific movements, exercises, and therapeutic touch, MNRI seeks to activate the body’s innate healing capacities.

One of the key principles of MNRI is the understanding that trauma can disrupt the body’s natural ability to self-regulate. By working with the body’s reflexes, MNRI aims to reestablish healthy patterns of movement and sensory integration, supporting emotional and psychological healing.

In addition to addressing the physical aspects of trauma, MNRI also acknowledges the interconnectedness of the mind and spirit in the healing process. By engaging with the body through MNRI techniques, individuals can experience a sense of empowerment and agency, which can positively impact their overall well-being. The body’s participation in the healing journey can provide a foundation for the mind and spirit to find stability, resilience, and growth.


Monday, June 17
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT
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Marty K. Casey, Shannon Desilets, Scarlett Lewis
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