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May Peace Prevail: From Japan to the World

Tuesday, June 18 @ 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT

This plenary covers the story of Saionji Family, Founders of May Peace Prevail on Earth Peace Polls and how it became a global movement. May Peace Prevail on Earth and Saionji Family have partnered with UNITY EARTH for Peace Week Japan 2024, a week long pilgrimage of peace building across sacred lands of Japan.

Join us in Room One – http://zoom.us/j/6060001111

Watch it live on UNITY EARTH TV –  https://unity.earth/tv/

Rika Saionji Yoshikawa is a Vice President of Byakko Shiko kai and Vice Director of May Peace prevail on earth international. Graduated from Gakushuin University BA majored in Philosophy. Completed a Master’s program in Child Development at Michigan State University in the United States. Subsequently studied Rudolf Steiner education in Sacramento, California. Mother of three children, currently, as one of the successors to Masami Saionji the President of Goi group. Along with her two sisters, works together to spread peace and divinity through diverse activities.

Yuka Saionji Matsuura is Deputy Chairperson of Byakko Shinko Kai, spiritual organization dedicated to world peace and raising the consciousness of humanity that originated in Japan over fifty years ago. http://WWW.BYAKKO.ORG It was founded by Yuka’s grandfather, Masahisa Goi, who advocated the universal peace prayer, “May Peace Prevail on Earth.” Byakko teaches the divinity of all humanity, and hosts interfaith events such as the “Symphony of Peace Prayers,” where leaders from different religions are invited to lead us in their peace prayer while more than 10,000 people pray together in harmony with each and every prayer. Yuka also works with the sister organization of Byakko, the Goi Peace Foundation. http://WWW.GOIPEACE.OR.JP

Yuka was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan but also lived in the United States and Germany during her childhood years. She has a degree in law from Gakushuin University in Japan. She has a published book in Japan called The Notebook of the Heart, which was introduced in the newspapers. Yuka works with youth around the world on projects for peace.

Fumi Johns Stewart is Executive Director of May Peace Prevail On Earth International. She was born in Tokyo and grew up with a sincere wish to bridge the two culture of her American and Japanese parentage. Fumi was instrumental in introducing the Japanese based May Peace Prevail On Earth movement to the international community in the early 1980’s. She brought The Peace Pole Project out of Japan and assisted in opening the International Headquarters of May Peace Prevail On Earth International in the state of New York in 1988. Fumi also serves as US liaison to sister organizations, the Goi Peace Foundation and The Byakko Shinko Kai at Fuji Sanctuary.

Kristin Hoffmann is a Juilliard trained singer, conscious musician and producer. She is the vocalist for the internationally acclaimed show, BELLA GAIA. A strong advocate for peace and Earth/Ocean conservation, Kristin opens sonic-emotional heart spaces in which powerful new awareness, connection and healing can flourish. She works regularly with other thought leaders and change-makers to amplify important wisdom for our times through the powerful vehicle of music.


Tuesday, June 18
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT
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Rika Saionji Yoshikawa, Yuka Saionji Matsuura, Fumi Johns Stewart, Kristin Hoffmann
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