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PLENARY EVENT: New Earth Rising: Indigenous Voices: The Wisdom of Indigenous Leaders

Wednesday, 21 June 2023 @ 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM EDT

This is a plenary not to be missed! Four incredible Indigenous Leaders together in a conversation about New Earth Rising.

Speakers: Chief Dwaine Perry, Patricia Anne Davis, Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, Mindahi Bastida

Join us in Room One – http://zoom.us/j/6060001111

Watch it Live on The OneStream – https://unity.earth/the-one-stream/

Patricia Anne Davis is an Indigenous elder of Choctaw and Dine’ Navajo lineage. Currently, she is on the International Council of First Nations: Commissioner of Ancient Knowledge and Languages as a Speaker/Member. She is also an NGO Representative of the World Yoga Community to the United Nations. She is an International Educator who is initiated, trained, and experienced in facilitating her authentic “Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process’ she designed for Wellness Restoration. It is Cross-cultural, Inter-generational, Inclusive, Universal in practical application, and can be translated to any language. She is a Whole Systems Designer, specializing in peace-making leadership who has worked as an Administrator in Health and Human Services for 20 years. She has traveled to ten countries by invitation to teach and facilitate the ICCP that reframes thinking into an Affirmative thinking system for win-win constructive decisions and outcomes. The purpose is to reframe out of the Inverse thinking system of win-lose, no-one wins, destructive and death-producing decisions and outcomes. She teaches the monthly Zoom event, “Love Currency Embassy, A Sacred Circle Ceremony for Wellness Restoration, sponsored by SINE Network. She has participated in many Zoom events including the Global Convergence, Enlightening Our Way Together, December 11-22, 2020, Speaker. The Bretton Woods Global Summit, January 6, 2021, Speaker/Member World Indigenous Leaders Conference, 2nd Truth Commission on Decolonization: July 17-18, 2021, Speaker/Member. And, Member of Sovereign Sisters, skills necessary for caring for ourselves and our communities: August 21-24, 2020.

Dwaine C. Perry, Chief of the Ramapough-Lunaape Nation, is no stranger to the front line. From helping to integrate the first barbershop in Suffern, NY in 1965 to serving in the Army as a member of a reconnaissance team, Perry is a man out front, particularly regarding human rights. Upon returning to the US after Vietnam, Perry; enrolled in RCC, where he was instrumental in establishing the College’s first student organization for people of color. He later earned a bachelor’s degree from Pace University and an MS in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire. Mentoring under the honorable Conrad Lynn, Perry aided in establishing an indigenous-rights group that was to become the precurser to the reformation of the Ramapough Lunaape Nation’s modern restructuring.. in addition Chief Perry has sat with Elders and indigenous leaders in the Himalayas, The Andes and throughout North America seeking and coalescing the seeds of unity and truth remaining in the colonized mind. He continues to champion human rights today, focusing primarily on issues concerning the Ramapough Lunaape Nation and the Indigenous community at large. Chief Perry’s recent journey to Standing Rock, has Resulted in the establishment of the Split Rock Sweet Water Prayer Camp here in Northern New Jersey were they have been met with much the same tactics and animus used by those in the dark days of civil rights.
Currently Chief Perry has establish the first Embassy of Sovereign Indigenous Nations of the Western Hemisphere. The Chief has called for those whose screams have been made silent through the normalization of repression to now stand forward in Unity. In addition Chief Perry has established The Ramapo Munsee Museum, giving voice through Art and Antiquities to those who have remained without a voice.

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq
Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq is a shaman, traditional healer, storyteller and carrier of the Qilaut (winddrum), whose family belongs to the traditional healers of the Far North from Kalaallit Nunaat, Greenland. His name means ‘The Man Who Looks Like His Uncle’. Since he was a child he was trained by his family- especially by his Grandmother Aanakasaa – for becoming a shaman. The spiritual task given by his mother is: “Melting the Ice in the Heart of Man”. Angaangaq bridges the boundaries of cultures and faiths in people young and old. His work has taken him to over 70 countries around the world. He conducts circles, seminars and Aalaartiviit – traditional sweat lodges. His teachings are deeply rooted in thewisdom of the oral healing traditions of his people, which enabled people over thousands of years to survive in one of the harshest places on Earth. Angaangaq is a Keynote-Speaker at international conferences about climate change, environment, spiritual and indigenous issues.
Since a ceremony in Greenland 2009 where the “sacred fire” has been brought back to Greenland, he is carrying the title “Angakkorsuaq” – “Great Shaman”. https://icewisdom.com

Mindahi Bastida
Mindahi Crescencio Bastida Muñoz is the director of the Original Caretakers Initiative at the Center for Earth Ethics. He serves as the General Coordinator of the Otomi-Hñahñu Regional Council in Mexico, a caretaker of the philosophy and traditions of the Otomi people, and has been an Otomi Ritual Ceremony Officer since 1988. Born in Tultepec, Mexico, he holds a doctorate of rural development from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana and is the President of the Mexico Council of Sustainable Development. Bastida Muñoz is a member of the steering committee of the Indigenous Peoples’ Biocultural Climate Change Assessment Initiative, and has served as a delegate to several commissions and summits on indigenous rights and the environment. He has written extensively on the relationship between the State and Indigenous Peoples, intercultural education, collective intellectual property rights and associated traditional knowledge, among other topics.  Link to Dr. Mindahi’s latest book Ancestors: Divine Remembrances of Lineage, Relations and Sacred Sites and accompanying interactive Ancestral Wisdom Immersion.


Wednesday, 21 June 2023
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM EDT
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Chief Dwaine Perry, Patricia Anne Davis, Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, Mindahi Bastida
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