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The Power of Symbols – historical use and how they can support you

Tuesday, 20 June 2023 @ 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT

ZOOM Link: https://sine-network.zoom.us/j/4258917264

Description PART ONE:

• Historical aspects to symbols and signs
• Development of symbolism in different cultures
• Physically provable mechanisms of action and their origins
• What Erich Körbler found out and why Ötzi already knew that
• How to use symbols for yourself

For thousands of years people have used signs and symbols.
Even writing developed from pictorial signs before they became real alphabets.
In this webinar, you’ll learn how it all started with different cultures and symbols, alchemy and its connection to metals and planets, and the very common symbols we use every day. Learn what science has discovered about symbols and their mechanisms of action, and learn more about Erich Körbler and what his award-winning research has in common with the famous glacier mummy Ötzi.


Presentation Description:

You will learn how to use highly energetic symbols safely and effectively – and how to test the kind and duration of application for the upcoming 99 days for peace in unity.
This offering is the joint effort of achieving peace and unity in ourselves and thus create a ripple effect in the quantum field together with many more souls for the best of all.

You will receive a pdf with instructions and a new symbol per week for 11 weeks including exact information about it´s abilities and usage.
This is an intensive free 99 day selfcare program, provided by the authors of “Transformation Code – symbols for the new time” Katrin Lambert and Simone Overath.

Presenters Name and Email:
Katrin Lambert & Simone Overath

Katrin Lambert is a medium, certified practitioner of PraNeoHom©️, UrLicht9er® – energetic vibration transformation and Matrix Quantum Coaching©️. Her work is always based on finding the root causes and the following harmonization of the problem/challenge and thus serves to increase the frequency of her clients. She and Simone Overath are authors of Transformation Code – symbols for the new era, I and II.
She lives near Düsseldorf, Germany and works in both German and English speaking countries.

Simone Overath:
Simone is a medium, intuitive writer and transfomative life coach. She receives her wisdom as well as the highly energatic symbols and their meanings from the source of all being. She works with frequencies, wether they are words, symbols or essential oils and supports her clients to release trauma, connect to their individual power and achieve self efficacy. She lives in Sinzig, Germany and offers individual sessions and group workshops, live, via video conference or remotely, in German and English.



Tuesday, 20 June 2023
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT
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Katrin Lambert & Simone Overath
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