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BE ONE – the unification of the 5 elements in your multidimensional self

Thursday, 22 June 2023 @ 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

ZOOM Link: https://sine-network.zoom.us/j/4258917264

THE ONE SANCTUARY – Katrin Lambert, Deborah Anderson, Simone Overath, Alexa Rose & Astrid Freia – are offering a live conversation around the new state of wellness and transformation. Oneness being the key and the unification of the Five Elements that surround us and that which we embody. We feel that the new time is that of ONENESS, of unity, where the ONE holds everything. This does not mean uniformity, but diversity. We will discuss this and more, ending with a transformational practice for all, to – all together with our guests – embody the new element of oneness, which is pure love.

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THE ONE SANCTUARY – Katrin Lambert, Deborah Anderson, AlexaRose, Simone Overath, Astrid Freia

Katrin Lambert works as a transformation guide, trained in the tradition of the PraNeoHom© and UrLicht9er® – energetic vibration transformation and complements these methods with matrix quantum coaching and elements of shamanism. Having worked with hundreds of clients holding individual sessions, group gatherings and masterclasses as a transformational guide, her powerful clearing work has changed the lives of many, producing self efficacy and self leadership.

Deborah Anderson, Visionary Channel: The connection to the unseen world was passed down to her as she connects to the higher dimensions and spirit worlds. With her keen gift of sight she has held many ceremonies and meditation groups around the world. In private channel sessions she supports the mapping of her clients choices and guides them in the healing of un-supportive patterns pathing a step by step guide into new realms of being. Deborah’s PhotoTherapy work transforms the subject in front of her camera lens and has proven time after time to be a powerful tool in revealing the patterns in which we show up in our day to day reality.

Simone Overath is one of the authors of the Transformation Code – Symbol of the New Time, a card deck with high frequency symbols for inner and outer transformation. She receives messages and symbols of high frequencies (source and Archangels etc) and works with them over the quantum fields and energy systems of her clients.

AlexaRose is a world traveller who carries ancient wisdom & sweet devotion ~ weaving healing energies into the collective & igniting divine feminine radiance. She plants & waters her beloved gifts with her ability to create powerful shrines that are placed in various spaces throughout designated healing spaces to be ignited and used as healing portals.
Weaving her gift through meditation dance and movement, having held space in dozens of festivals, retreats and sacred spaces for thousands of women around the world, Alexa believes this is a power stance in reconnecting to self.

Astrid Freia, Founder ASTARTA 1, School for primal healing arts. Astrid effectively supports women in removing energy vampires, subconscious self-sabotages and deficiency programs no matter from where or how they have attached themselves to the host. She developed her own highly efficient methods to help women out of their personal stresses as quickly and easily as possible. Through her work the respective energy and body level is raised to the optimal level, clients have experienced a strengthening with new energies and perspectives. Together she builds up bio-energy, rooting the body with protection through the personal ancestral field which remain permanently present.


Thursday, 22 June 2023
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT
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Katrin Lambert, Deborah Anderson, AlexaRose, Simone Overath, Astrid Freia
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