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Chaos Into Clarity with Wolf Under The Golden Willow Tree

Wednesday, 22 June 2022 @ 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT

In view of the intensely threatening nature of our times, based on classical Chinese Yin/Yang philosophy and psychology of consciousness and universal change, my mission is to offer contemplative audio educational contributions, for augmenting hope for global conflict-resolution. In principle and practice, Yin/Yang reciprocity suggests that: There are transpersonal dynamics of change that reside in all our personal perspectives; where they reflect and channel the same interplay of creative and destructive powers and processes that govern the holistic nature of the cosmos.

Thereby, as the Yin/Yang principle of universal reciprocity is evident in all dimensions of life: Potentials for global conflict-resolution grow, in tandem with growing numbers of individuals learning to assume personal responsibility, for how by means of reciprocity: The state of the world collectively depends on individuals; learning to transform the fact that: Currently, the collective history of varying stages of our ethical inadequacies needn’t compel individuals to fail. On the contrary, since one or more collective degrees of arrested stages of human development are found in all individuals: Without compassion for how cosmic powers of destruction function in human history, the evolution of genuine civilization will reciprocally continue to be impeded.

Presented by: Rev. Gola Wolf Richards, B.A., Human Development, M.A., Theology: Philosophy and Psychology of Consciousness and Change

Learn more about Wolf and his exciting World Unity Week Event.
Rev., Prof., Gola Wolf Richards

Robert E. Lane, Eugene Myers Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Yale University:  “In my opinion, Mr. Richards’ grasp of Confucian principles will give depth to his approach to conflict resolution.”

Tabitha King, author and wife of author Stephen King: “Dear Wolf: First, let me thank you for letting me see your manuscript. [The Way to See (W)hole® I know from speaking with you how dear this project is to your heart. The manuscript is heartfelt and mindful. I very much enjoyed your word play, which lightens what could be turgid. The message is coherent and seamless… It has been a pleasure to meet and converse with you, and a pleasure to encounter your good and poetic soul in its strivings. I wish you the greatest success with this project.”


Wednesday, 22 June 2022
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT
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Rev. Gola Wolf Richards
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