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International Conference on Unity Consciousness

Monday, 20 June 2022 @ 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EDT

We are celebrating World Unity Week with a five-day virtual conference and the overarching theme of Unity Conscious through: Holistic Education, Self Transformation and Meditation. Solutions-Oriented Change-Makers passionate about a global spirit of wholeness, inspiration and unity. If you have thoughts on how to make the world a better place, we want to see and hear from you at he conference.


UNITY in Life

Everything in the universe is made up of 5 elements. These are – earth, water, fire and Ether. Thus, the roots of all life are the same. This tells us that we are United at the roots of life.

We are all breathing, vibrating packets of Energy. All of our energies merge together to create the unified field of Cosmic ONE energy. This is another message of UNITY in life.

We are all created by Nature and we have a deep connected with everything in Nature. We can experience our connection with one or more trees in our backyard. Establishing that connection makes us experience our UNITY with Nature. We are constantly exchanging energy with the trees. Without the oxygen from trees, we can’t survive. In return the trees are constantly absorbing CO2 released by the human body.

The source of all life is ONE and the only ONE – Consciousness.


The presenters of World Unity Conference will explore inner unity and bring collective consciousness globally. Spiritual Heritage Education Network will strive to become a global hub of knowledge and practices by making them available worldwide. Education policy makers, curricula developers, and facilitators in classrooms will benefit from this foundational knowledge to awaken unity consciousness by transforming learning.


Knowing, Experiencing, Sharing and Living with The Awareness Of Unity Consciousness Within And Outside

Day 1 (June 20) Theme: The Purpose and Process of Holistic Learning

Contributors are invited in the following areas:

  • Exploring current Mind-Based Learning
  • The Current State of Our Education and Humanity
  • Exploring the purpose of Human Life
  • Exploring Holistic Education – Thought, Feeling, and Action
  • Mind, Body and Spirit Learning
  • Uncovering the Unlimited Power of Human Brain’s Neocortex
  • The Evolution of Life from Single Cell Organism to 37.5 trillion Cell Human Dynamic Organism
  • How to realize our full potential?

Day 2 (June 21) Theme: The Purpose and Process of Self-Discovery

Contributors are invited for following topics related to Self-Discovery:

  • The Importance of “Know Thyself”
  • Building the Knowledgebase for Self-Discovery
  • Opening the Inner Window of unlimited potential beyond the 5 Physical Learning Channels (Sight, Sounds, Smell, Taste and Touch)
  • Experiencing Unity Consciousness within the whole of creation
  • Observational Stillness to experience the unseen spirit-energy that connects all with the universe

Day 3 (June 22) Theme:  Practices for taking life off Autopilot

Contributors are invited in the following areas:

  • Structure of the Human Mind and Living on Autopilot
  • Evidence based Practices of Breaking the Cycles of Unconscious Living
  • Observing and Reflecting on Daily Stressful Events
  • The practice of “Letting Go”
  • The practice of Non-Judgmental Living

Day 4 (June 23) Theme:  Holistic Learning and Technology

 Contributors are invited in the following areas:

  • Exploring Academic Research on the Benefits of Holistic Education
  • How to influence Political Will and Public Policy to incorporate Holistic Education
  • Integrating Technology with Holistic Learning.
  • Educating the Educators
  • Accelerating the Process of Education Transformation.
  • Technology to Balance Mind-Based Learning with Heart-Based Learning.
  • Using the Power of Social-Media to explore Holistic Learning
  • The Process of Collaborative Interconnected Community Development

Day 5 (June 24) Theme:  All-Inclusiveness of Holistic Living

 Contributors are invited in the following areas:

  • Role models in holistic living from different traditions
  • Overcoming barriers such fear, mistrust, politics and economics
  • Music and performing arts to inspire holistic living
  • Biofeedback and other technology to inspire the adoption of holistic practices
  • Convergence of modern science with ancient spiritual wisdom
  • Modern narratives in holistic conversation and teaching




Monday, 20 June 2022
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EDT
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