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Living Cities Earth: Sustaining our Planet & Environmental Resilience

Friday, June 21 @ 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM EDT

This session will be facilitated by Ferial Puren, CEO of Living Cities Earth (LCE). She will be joined by nine of her fellow LCE co-founders for an in-depth and explorative discussion. A thoughtfully curated list of questions will guide the conversation, encouraging the panellists to address some of the greatest environmental challenges we face today and explore potential solutions. The aim of this discussion is to delve into the interconnectedness of societal structures, leadership, and environmental sustainability, fostering dialogue on practical approaches and visionary ideas for creating a resilient and equitable future.

Join us on Zoom – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4400404843

Watch it live on UNITY EARTH TV –  https://unity.earth/tv/

Ferial Puren, LCE Co-founder and CEO

She lives in Dalgety Bay, Scotland but originally from South Africa. Ferial is a strategist specialising in Evolutionary Social Systems. She educates, nurtures & connects innovators & thought leaders to co-develop eco technologies that leverage personal growth & social development to fuel System Changes needed to emerge a more equitable & sustainable society. Her passion for balancing personal and cultural evolution has culminated in solutions that emerge disruptive behavioural change, provide transformative tools, and empower change agents to maximise their impact. Ferial is currently the CEO of Living Cities Earth where she helps coordinate the strategic flow and realisation of the overall vision and mission of LCE. She can be reached at ferial@ignitelifecommunity.info

Gien Wong, LCE Co-founder

He lives in Cape Town, South Africa but originally from Canada. He is a commons action researcher and principal co-founder of global citizen collective, Stop Reset Go, based on a simple and accessible 3 step process for rapid whole system change. Coming from three decades of industrial electronics, systems R+D and tech background in Canada, Gien co-founded Stop Reset Go and transferred his systems training to tackling our global polycrisis using a bottom-up, commons-based approach that recognizes communities, towns and cities as the fundamental building block of civilization.  He can be reached at gien@stopresetgo.org

Arti Ahluwalia, LCE Co-founder

She lives in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Arti is a United Nations Representative and Coordinator of Publications for the UN Commons Cluster NGO Major Group. She excels in problem-solving and designing innovative solutions. Arti uses Agile Philosophy, Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, and recently, the Laws of Nature concept, applying these approaches in her learning programs and reengineering concepts to transform organisations and institutions. She has collaborated with over 50 Fortune 500 and non-Fortune 500 companies in India and internationally on a wide range of projects. As a passion project, Arti developed BE WELL, a framework to support vulnerable adolescents at critical decision-making stages. She is also the Process Segment Leader for Living Cities Earth, her team helps design the process and technologies that living Cities Earth uses to deliver their value to the world. She can be reached at – artiahluwalia@gmail.com

Andy Ferguson, LCE Co-founder

Andy lives in Linlithgow, Scotland. He brings a lifetime of experience as an educator, mentor and champion of people, helping many sorts of people from all sorts of walks of life and in many different environments and situations to develop a greater understanding of themselves, their world and their place in it. And in doing so realise more of their potential and live a better and happier life. He can be reached at  andyferguson@mac.com

Dr. Marilyn Hamilton, LCE Co-founder

She lives in Findhorn Eco Village, UK but she is originally from Canada. Marilyn is the Founder of Integral City Meshworks Inc. Her meshworking, appreciative inquiry and action research methodologies build capacity for individuals, groups, organisations and communities to inquire, act and impact city wellbeing. She is the Author of the Integral City Book Series and has developed training programs for Findhorn College and Ubiquity University’s Master Regenerative Action with students in 70 cities around the world. Humanity Rising Programs have live streamed to thousands more. Marilyn also leads our Wisdom Council in Living Cities Earth and is a director of the Living Cities Earth UK legal entity.  She can be reached at marilyn@integralcity.com

R. Bong Vergara, LCE Co-founder

He lives in Santa Ana, USA. Bong currently co-leads a tech transfer firm focused on using technology to solve problems at the nexus of food-energy-water systems in emerging markets, including Southeast Asia. He convenes a consortium of 300+ research labs, startups, and non-governmental organisations committed to localising the net zero transition. He also currently leads initiatives in the Philippines and U.S. that link clean energy, the arts, and social equity for rural and Indigenous communities. Bong is the Provision Segment Leader for Living Cities Earth – his team helps find and manage the resources LCE needs for its work. He can be reached at rbvergara@young-moon.org

Dr. Marina Demchenko, LCE Co-founder

Marina lives in Oxford, UK but originally from Russia.

She holds a PhD in economics. Her research entails the holistic development and manifestation of individuals, organisations and territories, «a weaver of abundant reality». She is Russia’s first Advisor to the Head of Administration on the holistic development of the well-being and happiness of citizens. The Author of the INNER KEY methodology, an integral study of the sustainable development of complex social systems through the assessment by participants of their level of well-being, happiness and degree of realisation of their creative potential. Co-founder of the Russian-Swiss PANORAMA LAB for integral personal, organisational and territorial development and co-founder of Global Happy City Lab. Owner of the Strategic Marketing Consulting & Coaching Centre (SMCC). She is currently heading up research and development within Living Cities Earth. She can be reached at 2296156@gmail.com

Nathaniel  Whitestone, LCE Co-founder

Nate lives in England. His work focuses on supporting  the global transition from toxic power to a world where healthy ways of being powerful together are the norm. He is a co-founder of, A Fairer Society, SONEC WISE CIC, CTRL Shift Network , SONEC Europe and the Ecovillage Network of the Americas. He is also the principal consultant at Governance Alive. Nate is also currently the Practice Segment Leader in Living Cities Earth where his team works to deliver tailored solutions for the people and cities we work with. He can be reached at nathaniel@afairersociety.com

Uri Noy Meir, LCE Co-founder

Originally from Israel but now lives in Crespina, Italy. Uri is the Co-founder of  Bama Maps and TheALbero,  a Social arts facilitator in ImaginAction and an Interactive theatre teacher. He is an observer of trans-formative patterns in human ecosystems, weaving diverse networks of social arts and innovation across borders. He feels passionate about making visible the invisible, building collective dreams, and empowering people and communities. In Living Cities Earth he supports and facilitates co-creation programs.

He can be reached at  uri@bamamaps.com

Todd Johnston, LCE Co-founder

Todd lives in Los Gatos, USA. He works on Developing and deepening social processes for mutual learning and co-creation in harmony with living systems principles and regenerative practices in organisations like The Value Web and Tomorrow Makers. He also currently helps design collaborative frameworks and a Learning Academy in Living Cities Earth. He can be reached at wmtjohnston@gmail.com

Tim Olsson, LCE Co-founder

Tim lives in Cape Town, South Africa but originally from Sweden. He is a democracy enthusiast and systems innovator. He founded Social Systems Labs in Cape Town in order to further a practical discussion into what a new operating system for a sustainable global civilisation might look like if designed with the algorithms that underlie human behaviour in mind. He is currently designing a social networking application for changemakers to support civic and environmental engagement that Living Cities Earth hopes to offer to cities as a solution to help facilitate co-creative projects in cities. He can be reached at tim@socialsystems.io


Friday, June 21
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM EDT
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