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PLENARY: Restoring Right Relationship with CLIMATE ~ Shelley Ostroff., Daniel Christian Wahl and Isabel Friend

Thursday, 23 June 2022 @ 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM EDT

During this plenary Shelley Ostroff., Daniel Christian Wahl and Isabel Friend will share their wisdom, experience and insights around the following questions:

  • How can we restore the right relationship with the Foundation of Life: CLIMATE?
  • Why is this so important?
  • How can we unite as humanity to take this forward?*

Hosted by: Shelley Ostroff., Daniel Christian Wahl and Isabel Friend

Shelley Ostroff (PhD) is a planetary activist, leadership consultant, social architect, mystic and writer. She is the founder of Together in Creation, Codes for a Healthy Earth, 7 Days of Rest and other initiatives dedicated to the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants. Concerned by the suffering and devastation humans cause each other, other species and the planet, she dedicated herself to exploring whole-system systems dynamics and integrative healing wisdom from diverse disciplines and traditions. She has worked with people from all walks of life, from different sectors of society and across continents as a therapist, consultant, mentor, and creative partner in cultivating individual, collective and whole-system wellness. Through ongoing research and practice, she has developed a unique holistic approach to human and whole-system healing and transformation that includes evolving blueprints for a new form of holistic health-oriented global Eco-Governance. Water, living on a body of Water. Because Water is life, and life is sacred.

Daniel Christian Wahl is one of the catalysts of the rising reGeneration and the author of Designing Regenerative Cultures. He works as a consultant, educator and activist with NGOs, businesses, governments and global change agents. With degrees in biology, holistic science, and design his work has influenced the emerging field of regenerative design. Daniel’s Blog on Medium is followed by over 24k people and his social media advocacy has a combined audience of over 850k people around the world. In 2021 the Royal Society for Arts, Manufacture and Commerce – founded in 1754 – awarded Daniel with the Bicentenary Medal for “an outstanding and demonstrable contribution, through … design practice, towards an equitable and regenerative world.”


Isabel Friend is an international ambassador of Water, public speaker, and educator. As a student, servant, and steward of Water, she seamlessly blends science and spirit into a comprehensive cosmology of Water wisdom. Spanning the practical insights of health, hydration and biology, to empowering tactics for Watershed guardianship and ecological activism, to the esoteric and subtle insights of ancient indigenous Water wisdom, to the heady scientific discoveries of cutting edge Water research, Isabel’s offerings are as multifaceted as Water itself. She has taught about Water throughout the US, Canada, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Bali, Mexico and Thailand. She is currently internationally semi-nomadic, and enjoys spending her time fire-dancing, hiking, riding her motorcycle, and geeking out like a mad scientist in her laboratory. Most importantly, Isabel is deeply devoted to helping YOU embody the empowerment that is inherent in being a body of Water, living on a body of Water. Because Water is life, and life is sacred.



Thursday, 23 June 2022
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM EDT
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Shelley Ostroff, Daniel Christian Wahl and Isabel Friend
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