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What It’s Like To Live In My Skin: Healing Racism Together Part 1 ~ The Shadow

Sunday, 19 June 2022 @ 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM EDT

Part 1 – the Shadow, June 19, 2022
Part 2 – the Path of Yearning (TBD)

This event is dedicated to deep racial healing. Diving into history, uncovering atrocities and how societal structures have developed, looking at our mythologies and real-life experiences, economic stratification, the creation of the “other “through racism and skin color, religious doctrine mandates that have promoted, manifest destiny / papal bulls. We contend that through love, we can create a better world together.

We call forth a partnership of the heart. Together we can stand in vulnerability and strength, and we can usher in the new world. The process starts here with us. Calling forth natural order, tenderness, justice, alignment, and peace. With: Ceremony / Wisdom / Participation / Non-Violent Communication

Presenter(s): Grandmother Mari Fix McEwen and the “Ancestors of the 4 Directions” ™ (A4D™) – See Additional Information below for full listing and Bios

**Additional Information **
Indigenous Elders / Cultural Representatives 

Indigenous Elder, Grandmother Malihatkwa Gwen Therrien
Grandmother Tahirah Abubakr
Native Elder and Storyteller, Red Feather Woman
Grandmother Mari Fix McEwen
Dagara African Elder Ukkumbwa Sauti
Brother Martin Diggs
Olorisha Tchise Aje

Counseling Team
MFCC & Non Violent Communication Expert: Michael Oden
NVC Facilitator George Szabo
Counselor & 4 Worlds Talking Circle Facilitator Cynthia Klatte Cunningham

Ceremonial Team
* Sister Ava Niamh (Fire Keeper & Purification),
* Tchise Aje, Ukumbwa Sauti, Cynthia Klatte Cunningham, Mari Fix McEwen


A4D Guest Bios:

Facilitator and Founder of A4D™ :
Grandmother Mari Fix McEwen Bio:
Founder and Facilitator of the “Ancestors of the 4 Directions” ™ & OWS.
Is e m ’ainm ainmichte Mari Fix McEwen / Seinneadair Bogha-Froise Coille is the daughter of Carolyn & granddaughter of Beatrice Ewing, from lineage Clann Ewing of hamlet Kilfinan (Argyle and Bute) in Alba (Scotland) / watershed Loch Fyne.  She was recognized as an Elder by Peruvian Elder and Medicine Person Maestro Hermano Vidal and his counsel of Peruvian Incan Elders in 2015 and was given the task to bring her People back to their indigenous roots as well as bring together Indigenous Representatives of the 4 directions to work together as a strong voice for world healing.

A sitting Grandmother, circle co-facilitator, and Counsel member with the Indigenous Grandmothers of Europe, she is representing Indigenous Scotland and supporting Indigenous Women of Europe Overseas to revive their roots, connect to nature and connect to nature and honor the ways of Spirit. She is dedicated to unity with our other indigenous relatives from the hoop, to create healing, understanding, solidarity, balance, and connection.

Founder, Initiator, and Facilitator of the Ancestors of the 4 Directions / Elders of the 4 Directions and the OOWS, she is a member of Four Worlds Foundation with Chief Phil Lane, a member of Tiyoshape Spiritual Family with *Chief Rueben George, a member of Four Worlds Women’s Talking Circle with Joan Henry, a member of OBOD in the UK (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) a member of the Celestial Order of Bards Ovates and Druids (Southern California), and a member of the Circle of Friends. She is a facilitator with associate Choctaw-Navajo/Chahta-Dineh Elder Patricia Anne Davis of the “Indigenous Change Process.” She is dedicated to extricating the out-of-balance condition within herself and humanity for the good of all.


Sunday, 19 June 2022
4:30 PM - 7:30 PM EDT
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