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The One Academy is making a call for global action to transform education. Why? Because education today is delivered to scattered brains. As a result, it lacks depth.

The One Academy is making a case to teach time-tested practices to cultivate focus of attention to make learning in-depth. The problem is not as much with what is taught as it is with the state of mind of the learners. A focused mind learns holistically, while learning achievable by a distracted mind can only be partial.

Current Education uses a two-step learning process. The first step is cognitive; the student listens, sees, tastes, touches and smells to learn. The second is reflective. In this step, the student deepens the learning of the first step by recalling, reviewing, and relearning its content. But the mind in both steps is distracted, resulting in partial learning of partial truths which may be adequate for individual survival but insufficient for meaning, purpose, interconnection, health and harmony.

Holistic learning requires an additional step of dwelling on learning resulting from the two-step process with a focused and undistracted mind achievable only when the body is completely still. Only then, the whole truth is perceptible. This third step is contemplative in nature. Without it, the world consists only of individual beings apart from each other.

The One Academy is focused on (1) time-tested and science-based practices to cultivate an undistracted focus of attention, (2) the truths learnt by the contemplative explorers of the world, and (3) the unifying, self-regulative and transformative power of contemplative epistemology and pedagogy.

Education can change cultures. We look forward to your participation and contributions to contemplative education to make the perception of world unity a global reality.


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