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Plenary: Refugee Day “House of Hope”

Monday, 20 June 2022 @ 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT

One Humanity institute opens doors to  House of Hope for our Ukrainian guests in Oswiecim-Auschwitz Poland

Over the past seven years co-founders, Domen Kocevar and Nina Meyerhof have been gardening the concept of One Humanity Institute www.onehumanity.institute, adjacent to Auschwitz, as an antidote to Never Again.  Never Forget / Never Again and what are the lessons learned and how do we learn to live united in peace.

As a result of our efforts to obtain land that houses 12 barracks, we were offered a house in Oswiecim (Polish name for Auschwitz) by a family survivor and then given a long-term loan for an adjacent house. Both houses were former bakeries…one Jewish and then the other Polish…and we will restore them to serve as a Bakery and more. We plan for a digitalized library, a social innovative hub for entrepreneurship and green technology, a conference room that will be a social impact and learning space for local youth, and an event space, bed and breakfast with the working Bakery.

Together, with WUW, we are  “teeming” as a synergistic exploration of community building  for Ukrainians and all of humanity. See and hear accomplishments and future plans as we walk our talk offering housing and other support systems. Videos and Panel consisting of co-founders, advisors and with Polish and Ukrainian friends.

Dreams do become reality…One Humanity. Thank you for your support!

Presenters: Nina Meyerhof and Domen Kocevar

Domen Kocevar is co-founder of the ONE HUMANITY INSTITUTE in Auschwitz-Oswiecim, Poland. He is a founder and director of THEOSOPHICAL LIBRARY OF ALMA.M.KARLIN, which is a place of exploration towards needed new paradigm, with more than 11.000 monographs on all religions, spiritual paths, philosophy, sociology, new science, new economy, and new community living approaches. He is also Director of Pareceleus Clinics for health and well-being.

Nina Meyerhof, Ed.D, is co-founder of One Humanity Institute in Oswiecim-Auschwitz, Poland home to House of Hope and President of Children of the Earth, a renowned organization that awakens young people to their inner leadership. Nina is a visionary who has co-written “Conscious Education: The Bridge to Freedom”, and “Pioneering Spiritual Activism”. Nina has received awards for her work from The Mother Theresa Award to the Citizens Department of Peace Award to The International Educators Award as well as the State of Vermont passed a Resolution honoring her for her life’s work in PEACE, the annual Nina Meyerhof Award by JAGAILS and a nominee for the Public Peace Prize. Nina’s work advocates to go beyond cultural, ethnic and religious differences and to strive for unity.


Monday, 20 June 2022
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT
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Nina Meyerhof and Domen Kocevar
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