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Art for Peace – Art As Your Voice!

Monday, 20 June 2022 @ 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM EDT

The experiencing of art evokes our emotions and touches different parts of our souls and minds. Those who create and appreciate art tend to be connected to their emotional bodies. Making art and sharing with others can be an essential part of healing, and our health is our gateway to inner peace. Come join me in this presentation for the gifts of your Art for Peace as well as gaining insights and inspiration.

For those of us who teach art or use art for peace building, we have arts’ overarching goal to reduce the transmission of separation and fear to peace, unity and love. We can build peace and unity from this current generation to future ones. Developing empathy through art while honoring the creative and healing process, also imparts leadership skills so children and adults can co-create a peaceful future for their communities.

Presenter: Brian Berman

Artist for Peace: Brian Berman has been creating his Art for Peace for over three decades. What began as a healing journey from an extreme loss led to a great awakening of inner peace. Art for inner and outer peace have been the overarching theme of Brian’s work. His sculptures bring to the viewer, the importance of stillness, serenity, and peace. They instill a calm sacred space, an environment most valuable in these challenging times. https://www.bermansculpture.com/

Brian Berman is an internationally recognized sculptor, “Artist for Peace”. Brian’s sculptural HOLOS design has been recognized worldwide as a peace symbol representing our One Humanity. As a lifelong peacebuilder, he brought a vision of creating Cities of Peace. In 2014, after forming a team and applying to International Cities of Peace, Ojai became the 99th International City of Peace. Brian’s art and his passion for peace is the service he brings to this community and the world.


Monday, 20 June 2022
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM EDT
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Brian Berman
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